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Butterscotch, one of my sows, got a metal end cap from some sort of post stuck on the
end of a toe.  The longer it stayed on the more jammed on her toe it became.  The second
day she was wearing her new toe ring I fed her and climbed in her stall while eating.  I
scratched her tummy picked up her foot and grabbed that bling and she would have none
of me steeling that precious ring.  She got mad and whenever I touched her she would
leave her breakfast and stomp off into her pasture.  So we waited a day or two and then
Kathy suggested we either call the vet or find a different way to sedate her.  Butterscotch
is not the biggest pig, about 220#, I run about that size on a bad day so we decided that
whatever would make me sleepy should make her sleepy.  So off to the liquor store my
brother and I went.  We decided we would get her something that was low in volume and
high in alcohol.  After much debate we decided on a big bottle of Jagermeister figuring if
it would put me out it would do her as well.  So when we got home I started to mix it with
the milk 500 mil later she was still standing but the fight had been taken out of her.  We
were able to get a rope on her back foot, which Kathy held.  Then I got a hold of her front
foot and was able to get a good grip on her ring, off it came.  She didn't even say thank
you for the drinks and the help but that is one of the prices you pay for pasture raising
pork.  You never know what they will find to get into and you will have to make it up as
you go to deal with it.
A comical story about farm life and Butterscotch the Pig
by: Alex
A.D. Farm
Alex Davis   907-355-FARM (3276)   Palmer, Alaska    adfarm_organic@yahoo.com