The story setting is that we feed our crew every day they come to work for us, we sit around the table for a
nice meal and conversation usually for an hour in the middle of the day.  Frank has been working with us for
about 4 years and this was the first time he had to bring his own lunch.  Alex
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This past Wednesday, my employer declared that Friday would be
Bring Your Sandwich to Work Day.

I was a little confused by the twist to Take Your Child to Work Day.  I thought "O.K., why
not, I will take my sandwich to work Friday."

So, Friday morning I got my sandwich ready for our big day at A.D. Farm... where I work...

As I prepared my sandwich my "little confusion" turned to great anticipation of what the
day at work might hold for my sandwich and me...

When we got to the farm, I gave my sandwich a little tour of the farm... I showed him the
turkeys and the ducks...

Then I showed him the pigs. It was so excited to see that piglets had just been born...

Then, it was off to the field for another day of weeding...  sandwich had no idea
how hard it was to weed a field...

The sun was shining so bright and hot, I was concerned that my sandwich would be
toasted by the end of the morning...

Well, we made it to the lunch break... before we headed to the house we stopped at the
beet field. I wanted my sandwich to see how well the beets were growing... I think the
beets are doing so well this year because the electric fence is working to keep the
moose out of the field. Whoa,  I forgot to turn the power off to the electric fence...!

My sandwich responded quickly with CPR...

There was no way to repay my sandwich for saving my life but before we went to lunch I
allowed him to sit in the tractor for a while. He enjoyed that. He pretended to drive it.
For that few minutes, he felt like a "real farmer."

A.D. Farm,
Where the produce is the finest,
The crew is the best,
And the sandwiches are heroes..
A.D. Farm
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