In Loving Memory of
Gideon Trey Davis
February 15, 2011 - July 17, 2012

Gideon is home with Jesus now. We are left here trying to pick up the pieces of our family and business.
Kathy and I keep talking and we all keep yanking the weeds out of the ground.

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Gideon Trey Davis was born February 15, 2011.  Gideon is the youngest of 5 children born into a farm family.  
November 19, 2011 he was diagnosed with a rare muscle cancer in stage 3 of development.  He learned to crawl the
week before his systems showed.  Gideon underwent weekly chemotherapy, 28 sessions of radiation, 9 surgeries, and
stole the hearts of many nurses and doctors along the way.  
Today he is no longer crawling on the floor of his family's house or on the trampoline but he is walking with Jesus on
streets that are paved with gold.  He is there with many of his family who have gone before.  Gideon will be and is greatly
missed.  After many months of pain and suffering, his suffering has come to an end.  He was named Gideon after the man
in the Old Testament, who had great faith and served God even against great odds.  He was named Trey after a dear
friend of the family who learned to walk again after losing many toes due to frost bite; people of faith that endured much.  
For God never says life will be easy but He will help us with our burdens and heavy loads.  Gideon never really knew life
could be easy, the frequent pain of complications due to cancer eating away at him, enduring the pain of the treatments,
and the obvious wondering of why he wasn't like the other children.  But he also knew how to live in the moment,
learning to spread joy to nurses, and doctors, wanting some "Gideon love."  Learning how to wink, being allowed to
crawl on the dinner table while the rest of the family tried to eat.  He loved his kitties and Cocoa, as he referred to all
dogs, his blue blanket that always went to the hospital with him and the puppet Sealia that joined him during 28 sessions
of radiation treatment which kept him away from home for 7 weeks.  The longest time he spent at home since his
diagnoses was about 5 weeks at the end when the tests came back, showing that the cancer was not dead after all he
had endured.  We chose to bring him home to be with family, to enjoy him as long as we could.  For it had been so long
since we were a family with everyone under one roof.  We knew that there would be many good days and many
memories made with the time we had left with him.  All of life is an endurance race, some races shorter than others, some
more grueling than others, Gideon's was both.  But he was always quick to lift an eyebrow, give a raspberry, bounce on
anyone holding him, or play billy goat with people he thought need to be reminded love hurts.  For those of us left behind
it is an all to true fact.  We cannot have love without knowing pain.  The ultimate example of this was what Christ
endured on the cross so that we can be in right relationship with God.  For He was crushed for our sins and by the strips
of his scourging we are forgiven for the evil we have done.  There is the sweet assurance of eternal life because our
Savior rose again.  Jesus has said He has gone to prepare a place for us in His Father’s house, all we need is faith like a
child.  Faith like Gideon had, never questioning the love he was showe, and received.  Faith that had not been cluttered
by world view, education, and politics.  This is a time for sorrow but it is also a time of hope.  Before my, Alex's,
grandpa Jack died 8 years ago there was a beautiful coming together of the family to say goodbye before he passed.  
The call had come in that Jack had terminal lung cancer so what is left to do but put your affairs in order and make the
best of the time you have together.  I left Glennallen, my wife and 9 month old daughter to go see him in Minnesota as
soon as I could.  A couple months later I made a return trip with Kathy and Kaylynn so that grandpa Jack could see his
newest granddaughter before he died.  While visiting him we laughed and cried and enjoyed each other as a family.  But I
will never forget what I said to my grandpa when I went to leave.  "I love you, I'll miss you, and I'll see you soon.  For
you it will seem sooner than it will for me."  This is how I feel about my son Gideon.  We will be the ones missing him and
enduring life while he has started his eternal time with God in a place where there is no more sorrow or pain.