Great Pyrenees Dogs

I have the good fortune to have a
daughter who bought one for my
birthday.  I had a really bad
experience with a breeder from the
Lower 48 and am really happy to find
a local breeder who emphasizes a
Pyr's real job, instead of pretty for
the show ring.
To anyone considering getting one
of these puppies, I recommend them.

From Some of our
Satisfied Clients:

I've known several of Alex's
puppies - they are all well
socialized and love their jobs.

The puppy we got from you from
your 2010 litter is spectacular.  I am
letting her out with the goats
(supervised) and she loves them.  
She's still a bit of a puppy and wants
to play, that's why she's supervised.  
I am very sure she will be a great
LGD and am very pleased to have
gotten her.
For those of you who are another
litter of Great Pyrenees puppies in
January.  This will be Cocoa's 3rd
litter, she usually has 10 to a litter.  
This is the first time we used Gibbs
for our stud.  He is about 110 lb
and spends his days with my pigs,
horse and goats.  Cocoa doesn't
like to stay in short fences or she
would be in there as well.  During
the summer they are both around
my free range birds.  If you are
looking for a security guard we'll
have them.
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We are no longer breeding Pyrenees dogs.  
Below are some testimonails from people who got puppies from us in the past.
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